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About MagicTomato

What is MagicTomato?

At MagicTomato we believe every person has the power to positively influence our planet through small, recurring and trivial gestures, and shopping for groceries is one of them. Our superhero MagicTomato has found the magic formula to deliver fresh, local, delicious products to your door at the right price. All while having a positive impact on the planet! It's Magic!

Surrounded by his MagicTeam, he is committed to sustainability. We deliver with a fleet of 100% electric vehicles. Most food is packaged in bulk in reusable bags to avoid disposable containers. Food waste is almost non-existent thanks to a short circuit system and close collaboration with our artisans.


Local in your home in a flash!

Our unique system combining the digitalisation of short circuits with a local approach allows us to be among the most innovative Swiss start-ups in food distribution. Magictomato has also joined Fongit, an incubator for technology start-ups, and has been privileged to be awarded the Swiss Ethics Award in 2019.

Thanks to our growing community who share our values, we now operate in four regions: from Geneva to Gland via Nyon, from La Côte to the Riviera via Lausanne, from Fribourg to Thun via Bern and from Jura, Yverdon, Bienne via Neuchâtel. Each region has its own ecosystem of artisans, mainly within a 25 km radius. Thanks to MagicTomato, it is now easy to eat healthy, seasonal food while supporting local artisans!

The birth of this Superhero

After many attempts at organizing myself to have time to shop at local artisans shops, a solution came to me: I needed Super-Powers to be able to collect the best products from the independent artisans of the region and deliver them ecologically the same day. MagicTomato was born!

Since 2016, thanks to him, we can easily eat well while having a positive impact on our region; his main objective. If he can continue his mission on a daily basis, it is thanks to the help of his close-knit community of Magicavores who are fond of authentic and local food. A big THANK YOU to you!

Paul Charmillot
Creator of MagicTomato


Community of participants

MagicTomato has opened its governance and capital to its community, becoming one of the first Swiss start-ups to offer tokens. Together, we influence the life of existing ecosystems and the creation of new regions to multiply our positive impact.

As a MagicAvore, you take part in decisions involving your region and guide MagicTomato in making wise decisions. You select new products, artisans or even a sustainable project of a local third party that you want to support. You suggest topics for debate concerning our food or consumption habits so that the community can vote and validate a specific action.

As a participant* in MagicTomato, you hold one or more participation certificates in the company and enjoy the financial rights provided for in the Swiss Code of Obligations. As MagicTomato shares are freely tradable, you may benefit from a capital gain in the event of a resale and reap the rewards of your commitment in the event of a positive development of the financial results.

*Holder of participation certificates of MagicTomato AG in accordance with Art. 656a ff.

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Our Superhero in the press

"...the future of MagicTomato is bright..."
"…being able to decide at the last minute while not having to sacrifice quality is a strong argument"
"Finalist of the Sustainable Start-Up award of the newspaper Le Temps"

The MagicTeam of MagicTomato

MagicTomato is proud to have over 40 motivated employees who adhere to and promote its philosophy. Thanks to a flat organization, each person is empowered ast his or her professional strengths and desires are taken into account.


Are you interested in joining our community?

Would you like to become a MagicTomato investor and increase our positive impact while diversifying your investments with a local stock?

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Investor Portal


Do you have a question or suggestion?

Laurent Knecht Enchanteur des MagicAvores
+41 22 940 40 02